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About us.

Microbial machines is trailblazing new opportunities using synthetically engineered bacteria to specifically detect and treat diseases of the alimentary track.

Our innovative and experienced team is pushing the boundaries of synthetic biology to rationally design and engineer bacteria that have enhanced capabilities to recognize and deliver versatile payloads to diagnose and treat disease.

Microbial Machines’ robust founder and leadership team brings together accomplished experts in bacterial engineering, microbiology, gastroenterology, and drug delivery necessary to drive the development of impactful new medicines. We are passionate and driven to tackle the limitless potential of engineered bacteria.



Carl Novina

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Robert Distel

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Steven Neier

Binney Street Capital

Barry Polisky

Biotechnology consultant

Bobby Sandage

Cultivation Capital & Riney Family Foundation

Wendy Garrett

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Drew Dennison

Lightchain Captial

Our Science

Engineering for Innovation

Synthetically engineered bacteria can be manipulated to therapeutically intervene in a disease pathway. These bacteria are called “living medicines” as live bacterial cells are delivered to the alimentary track where they carry out a programmed therapeutic or diagnostic function. Microbial Machines is engineering novel functionalities into these bacterial strains to develop a safe, specific, and modular platform to detect and treat diseases of the alimentary track.


Our bacteria are engineered from a non-pathogenic and naturally occurring gut bacterium that has a long-documented history of use as a probiotic. To further enhance the safety, our bacteria are engineered to have a limited half-life in the body.


Our bacterial platform was designed to recognize and deliver payloads directly to the site of disease. By targeting the bacteria to sites of disease, our therapeutics are locally delivered which enhances efficacy and reduces toxicities of the therapy. We have also developed proprietary methods that enable us to deliver therapeutic payload specifically within diseased cells.


We synthetically design bacteria to perform many different therapeutic and diagnostic functions. Our platform is robust enabling the rapid development of specific bacteria that can recognize specific disease sites and deliver a variety of different therapeutic and diagnostic payloads.


Innovating Together

Microbial machines is seeking creative, passionate, and motivated individuals to join us in designing and developing the next-generation of synthetically engineered bacteria that will open new possibilities for treating diseases with living medicines.

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