Julia Novina

Julia Novina, CLO

Julia Novina is a founding executive who helped Microbial Machines secure seed funding and lab space to launch in 2019. In her role of Chief Legal Officer, she oversees all legal, financial and administrative functions of the company. Julia also serves as founder and Chief Legal Officer Counsel to two other preclinical biotechnology companies, AI Proteins, Inc. and Dynamic Cell Therapies, Inc. She has formerly served as Chief Legal Officer and founder to two other start-up biotechnology companies, NextRNA Therapeutics, Inc. and Courage Therapeutics. At each, she has the same responsibilities as at Microbial Machines, including corporate formation, rounds of financing, board and equity management, technology licensing, contracting and general company administration. She earned her J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center and graduated magna cum laude from Connecticut College.

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